Made in October of 2016 for Halloween.
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Made for Rose's Bday
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Kinetic novel made for Pre-Fright Check-In
Visual Novel
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I just made some sprite sheets and decorated a 3D space with them
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72 notes in octave.
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Walk through the process of making an artgame few have played.
Play as a bidet vendor on the show floor
Role Playing
This is a clone of Destroy Your Home
autobiographical slice-of-life
Visual Novel
This is a flatgame submission that documents an experience I had in the summer of 2016.
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I made a flickgame based on the description for episode 253 of the Idle Thumbs podcast.
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It's a gallery that slides.
Visual Novel made for the WizardJam. A comedy about office relationships. No romances are currently available.
Visual Novel
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An ambient toy in development; inspired by Manfred Mohr's work.
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Stacks of cubes that act as a sequencer and a player-cube with which to disrupt and listen.
sculptural art-toy
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Supported by clyde

Places to be.


Interesting lore.



fuckin people; amirite?

Falling off the world



Fast and Fun.


How I met your mother

Anecdotes are the Fables of crowded worlds.

Yet To Play