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It's a gallery that transforms with sliding walls and such. Currently on the second early build.

Here is a video where I explain some of the early concepts and ambitions I have in mind for the piece:

I plan to upload later build(s) here too.
Read the info.txt in the download for more information.

Controls:"R" to restart
"Escape" to quit
"WASD" and mouse for movement, "Space" jumps.
"F" makes the fish jump.

Pressing "0" will return you to the contemporary build.
Pressing other numbers starting with "1" will take you to previous builds.
Currently there are only three builds, 0 and 1,2.

2015-10-5 build of Sliding Museum. (Build 1)
This is a work in progress.
I'm planning to make a Let's Play video of this build on clydebink's Youtube channel so that I can explain what I'm trying to do.
Everything is colored wildly because I need to be able to reference walls when discussing where to go with this game.
Simbiotiqu is coming onto the project so we need to be able to communicate about the space.
The lighting will be much more noticable once we use lit textures for the walls, but it was distorting the colors.

Tools used:
Game-engine: Unity 5
Level Design: Probuilder with ProGrids
Sound: Music Creator 7 (with Cakewalk VSTs) to create samples, Audacity for audio finishing
Image manipulation (for some textures): Gimp

Simbiotiq is using: Blender

10/13/2015 (Build 2)
I made the piece of art that I've had in mind this entire time for the gallery. It is inspired by "Constrction"

-Starting to import models and textures from Simbiotiq
--3D models
---gold swirl.
---ornate ribbon (currently used for many things including the curtains).

-added a buoyancy system to the character-controller inspired and informed by this talk by Ziba Scott

11-16-15 (Build 3)
I'm fumbling as I try to create art for the space. No biggies, but progress is slow. I've been working on the wintery-room a little bit, but I will probably axe it.

Simbiotiq made the ground texture, the vine texture and the fish (along with its animation).


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2015-11-16_slidingGallery_lin.zip 57 MB

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