I just wanted to make Rose something for her BDay and this is what I made.

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i played this some time ago (probably around when it first came out, which itch tells me was 3 years ago (!)) and it's one of a handful of games i find myself returning to again and again. it's one of my very favorites :)

there is something so strikingly beautiful about mundane moments. i think its in part due to the fact that the "non-mundane" parts are the bits we remember, and carry with us. it can be quite beautiful of course to find old videos or pictures or mementos of those times. but they are things i already had, in a way. finding these snapshots of ordinary life for me feels like finding new time, as they unlock parts of myself that had been lost to the mill of churning memory space. i find it can be very nourishing, and moving, to relocate these glimpses of how i once lived, in ways and places now lost or altered.

of course i'm not sure if the places and photos in this comprise "mundane" moments for you, but somehow they capture that for me: glimpses of old woods i used to trudge through as a teenager, or blocks of light that used to fall in the corner of my parent's kitchen. i think you present these ideas with real depth and compassion. every time i visit i find myself moved again. 

i remember very vividly how excited i was pushing through your photo walls the first time i played this. it's a great mechanic -- almost feels like finding a hidden dark souls wall without the extreme esoterica haha. but more specifically feels to me like pushing through tree branches to reveal an opening in a grove. it's no great fanfare, which i like: it's just seeing something new. 

anyways, i wanted to leave a comment since i've played this so much and never said so :) i love this game! thank you for making it <3

wtf is this i feel like im on acid


Happy B-Day Rose!


wow i love this